Sunday, October 28, 2018

Review of "Unlocking the Cage," a film by Chris Hegedus and Da Pennebaker DVD version

Review of
Unlocking the Cage, a film by Chris Hegedus and Da Pennebaker DVD version

Five out of five stars
 This film is a documentary on the quest by animal rights lawyer Steven Wise to have animals that demonstrate a high level of intelligence granted some basic rights. The emphasis is on chimpanzees, but there is a logical extension to other species of demonstrated intelligence such as elephants, whales and dolphins. Wise’s goal is not to have the other species legally declared as having human rights, his quest is to have them granted the right to have a life where they are not bound in a cage.
 As is clear in this video, chimps do demonstrate a great deal of complex thought patterns, being able to recognize literal as well as abstract concepts. The battle is a difficult one as no judge easily moves into such uncharted legal territory. Yet, it is a battle that is supported by a great deal of public opinion. As anyone that pays attention understands, many people treat their pets as a member of the family, with many seeming to need the pet as much as the pet needs the human. The growing movement for emotional support animals is strong evidence for that position.
 While there are still many that decry the animal rights movement as a crackpot scheme, it is a force that crosses the entire political spectrum. It is also a response to scientific research that is demonstrating the high level of intelligence that several species of animals possess.
 From this film, you will learn the complexities of novel legal arguments and the forces behind the growing movement to treat animals as the complex creatures they are. It is a great movie and one that will likely be quaint history in only a few years.

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