Monday, October 8, 2018

Review of "ARX Zone Metal Bottle With Insulated Sleeve"

Review of
ARX Zone Metal Bottle With Insulated Sleeve

Five out of five stars
 The metal bottle is durable and once the new smell was thoroughly washed out, added no taste to the beverages. With the insulated sleeve, it keeps drinks cold for an extended period of time and the screw lid seals tight. I filled the bottle to capacity and then violently shook it with no discernable leakage.
 The sleeve has a loop at the top with a very simple fastener that quickly (un)latches. There is a ring on the lid with a quick latch and a separate pry tool to pop open bottles with caps. This is a beverage bottle that will withstand a lot of abuse and keep the liquid at your desired temperature for some time.
 Since the metal bottle has the general shape of a beer bottle and the sleeve is flexible, it can also be used as a coozie for a bottle of beer. 

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