Sunday, October 7, 2018

Review of "The Invincible Iron Man," animated version on DVD

Review of
The Invincible Iron Man, animated version on DVD

Three out of five stars
 Whenever a movie is in animated form, the key issue is almost always the quality of the animation rather than the quality of the storyline. In this case, the animation is at the level of a movie made for television rather than one for the big screen. The movement of the actors is generally stiff, and they often appear out of place in the background.
 The storyline is based on the premise that Stark Industries is in the process of elevated an ancient sunken Chinese city and they are being opposed by a secret sect that is willing to kill in order to prevent that. When the city is raised from the ground, ancient evil forces are unleashed, and it is up to Tony Stark as Iron Man to stop them.
 His task is made more difficult by a false claim that Tony was illegally running weapons to the secret sect and the governing board of Stark Industries votes him out of his leadership position. Wanted by the law and forbidden to use Stark Industries assets, Tony Stark as Iron Man is the only hope for the people of planet Earth to defeat the ancient evil.
 This is a pretty good premise and could have been made to succeed. However, the poor quality of the animation makes this close to impossible.

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