Sunday, October 21, 2018

Review of "Avon True Color: Glimmersticks Diamonds Eyeliner in Black Ice"

Review of
Avon True Color: Glimmersticks Diamonds Eyeliner in Black Ice

Five out of five stars

A quality eyeliner that will serve you well
Points to mention:
*) The eyeliner is kept in a twist container, which has the convenience of never needing to be manually sharpened, making it ideal for a small on-the-go makeup kit.
*) The glitter ratio in the eyeliner is subtle enough that you would be able to wear it in both intense, glamorous styles and more relaxed every day wear for a fun pop of glitter. This means you can wear it on your eyes independent of what is on the rest of you.

*) While the creamy formula is ideal for holding the glitter inside it without fallout, this does make it less than ideal if the user is going for a more smudged out liner.
 This is a quality eye liner that will serve you well. 

Review written by Megan Sass, edited by Charles Ashbacher.

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