Friday, October 19, 2018

Review of "Angel Falls: A South American Journey," by Martin and Tanis Jordan

Review of
Angel Falls: A South American Journey, by Martin and Tanis Jordan ISBN 185697541x

Five out of five stars
 I am a subscriber to a service that sends me a travel/geography question via email every day. One of the recent questions was, “Where is the highest waterfall in the world?” The answer is “Angel Falls” in Venezuela and to see it you must traverse a river through very thick jungle. The water drops over a half-mile as it plunges off the top of a mountain.
 This book is an educational adventure via the rivers through the jungle up to Angel Falls. The diverse wildlife encountered on the journey is explained via text and illustrations that are colorful and detailed. There are many predator/prey interactions, from the level of the insects to that of the biggest felines and reptiles.
 A science book that reads as an adventure, it is a solid addition to all educational and personal libraries for students in middle school and above.

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