Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Review of "Listen to the Wind: The Story of Dr. Greg & Three Cups of Tea," by Greg Mortenson and Susan L. Roth

Review of
Listen to the Wind: The Story of Dr. Greg & Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortenson and Susan L. Roth, ISBN 9780803730588

Five out of five stars
 This true story demonstrates the value of even modest assistance between people in the west and needy people in poorer countries. It is based in the small village of Korphe in the mountains of very rural Pakistan. When it opens, the children conduct their school lessons outside and they sketch their work in the dirt with sticks. Their teacher only comes to the village three times a week, so the rest of the time they are on their own.
 Things changed when a sick, cold and hungry man staggered into their village. His name was Greg Mortenson and he was a nurse that got hopelessly lost while climbing in the mountains. The local people fed him and nursed him back to health and he helped the students with their lessons. When Greg was strong enough to leave he asked the wisest man in the village what he could do for Korphe he was told, “Listen to the wind.” Greg did just that and when he heard the children articulating their lessons outside, he promised to come back and build a school.
 Greg kept his promise and far more, a school was built in Korphe and through the Pennies for Peace program that he founded, over 131 schools were built. This included supplies such as books and pencils. Which means thousands of children are now getting their education with a solid roof over their heads. This is an example of how one person can make a difference in the world and a great lesson for children in teaching them how even a penny can make a difference in someone else’s life.

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