Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Review of "Star Trek Alien Spotlight: Orions" Comic Book

Review of

Star Trek Alien Spotlight: Orions Comic Book

 In this story an older Captain Pike (noted by gray hair at the temples) encounters a scantily clad and sexy green Orion dancer that is also some form of undercover operative. He must battle against aggressive Tellarites determined to commit murder to advance their cause. To do this Pike is forced to join forces with the Orion female, stay alive and satisfy upper echelons that want him to fulfill diplomatic duties.
 The Orion female is a superb hand-to-hand fighter, easily handling the primary Tellarite adversary and his henchmen. As all sexy female undercover agents should do when the battle is over, she reaches into her bikini top and hands Captain Pike an incriminating memory disk. Picard finds that it is a tough job, but the story ends with him in the arms of the Orion woman, at least momentarily.

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