Sunday, February 21, 2016

Review of "Euclidean and Transformational Geometry: A Deductive Inquiry," by Shlomo Libeskind

Review of

Euclidean and Transformational Geometry: A Deductive Inquiry, by Shlomo Libeskind, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Sudbury, Massachusetts, 2008. 371 pp., $231.95 (hardbound). ISBN 9780763743666.

Five out of five stars

 Despite having a title that is a bit different, this is a textbook in basic Euclidean geometry. The emphasis is on demonstrating the theorems and other concepts via diagrams, formulas are used only when it is necessary to do so. Segments containing different treatments are color-coded, for example the statement and proof of a theorem is placed within a blue backdrop.
 The level of discourse is kept at a modest level, the book was developed for the instruction of students in a college geometry course where their goal after graduation is to teach high school mathematics. It clearly is well suited for that course, yet it could also be used as a text in a more advanced high school geometry class. I have tutored a few high school geometry students and much of the content  in this book is what we worked on. A set of problems is given at the end of each section and hints and answers to some of them are given at the end.
 If you teach high school math or a course designed to train those that will do so in the future, this is a book that will be an effective text from the standpoint of both the teacher and the student. 

This book was made available for free for review purposes

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