Saturday, February 13, 2016

Review of "Billy Or Tale of the Family Shoe Lace: An Adventure Story," by Betty Norman

Review of

Billy Or Tale of the Family Shoe Lace: An Adventure Story, by Betty Norman


 This is a story that is more for boys than girls. Billy is a tiny shrew that lives in a shoe with his family, including two sisters Lilly and Milly that he considers silly. He has his own room and he often lies in his bed and dreams of carrying out great adventures.
 One night when it rains hard, the adventure finds Billy. The water rises and their shoe house begins floating away. Thinking very fast, Billy rallies his sisters and they pull the long shoelace out of the loops. Billy then uses it to lasso a tree and pull their shoe up on to dry land. Billy is declared a hero and his thirst for adventure has been quenched, at least for the present. He now has more respect for his formerly silly sisters as well. Billy is also content to live a life of rest and leisure.
 The text is structured in short blocks where the last line rhymes with an earlier one, sometimes there are four lines where all rhyme. The level of difficulty is roughly that of a second grader, although late first graders can also understand it. The illustrations are colorful, but not in the bright and dominating sense.  
 With a message about dreams of adventure coming true and that desire being satisfied, this is a simple story about getting what you wish for and then being content.

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