Saturday, February 27, 2016

Review of Repuglicans, art by Pete Von Sholly and commentary by Steve Tatham

Review of

Repuglicans, art by Pete Von Sholly and commentary by Steve Tatham ISBN 9781608860333

 With the zombie still being one of the most active and popular storylines in pop culture, one should not be surprised when art and political commentary combine. This book contains zombie-like color caricatures of many of the most widely known conservatives in the United States from politics and their media supporters.
 For each pair of pages, the left side has a short explanation of the person being lampooned while the right side contains the image. It is an amusing and interesting perspective on the political battles that take place in the United States, on the speaking circuit, talk radio and television. The people here are generally those considered the most right wing and full of venom. My favorite is the image of Sarah Palin, with sharp points on her teeth, blood running from the side of her mouth, red glowing eyes and and a visage made for the scary movie circuit, it is a perfect fit for the tone of her rhetoric.
My favorite text caption is that for former comedian Dennis Miller, a man that was hilarious before he drank the conservative Kool-Aid. The text is a hypothetical young Dennis Miller talking about the older Dennis Miller and you can recognize how Miller used to sound years ago.
 A blend of pop culture and much of what is pop politics, this is a book that many conservatives will hate but that most with a sense of the dark humor of wasted zombie creatures will find amusing.

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