Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Review of "Batman: The Riddler’s Ransom," by Blake Hoena

Review of

Batman: The Riddler’s Ransom, by Blake Hoena, ISBN 9781434297105

Five out of five stars
Stories where there are several plotlines that can be followed are very stimulating to the mind. Rather than be a passive recipient of the story, the reader must stop for a moment and consider what path to take based on a short list of options and how they think the plot is progressing. This turns the passive consumer into an active thinker about how the story has gone and where they think it should go.
 The story itself is a fairly standard one about the popular and long-lived superhero, Batman. The reading level is at a solid third or fourth grade level, a bit challenging yet not to the point of frustration. A few attractively colored images are embedded in the story.
 This is an excellent story that will lead to the mental engagement of the reader, where they must think about the events so far and make a decision as to what should happen next. There are thirteen possible endings, so there is plenty of options for decisions to be made. 

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