Thursday, February 18, 2016

Review of "Rogue Mission," by Jeffrey Stephens ISBN 9781523491483

Review of

Rogue Mission, by Jeffrey Stephens ISBN 9781523491483

 This is a convoluted thriller where the terrorist network is intertwined with major business interests with enormous financial resources. It features superspy Jordan Sandor as he battles unknown adversaries that wield both weapons and financial instruments. The action is based on a very complex, sophisticated and ruthless terrorist network that can send armed assassins to any western country, including the United States.
 The story opens with an explosion at an awards ceremony for Sandor’s former commanding officer. Sandr is a bit late in arriving and is severely injured by the door to the room that is blown off the hinges. He is then reunited with many of his former colleagues and thwarts several armed actions of the terrorists.
 In the geographical sense the action takes place in roughly half the world, the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and the main terrorist event on the border of Syria and Iraq. A convoy organized by a humanitarian group that is delivering supplies to starving refugees in a camp is captured by the terrorist group. The convoy includes a famous musician and a beautiful actress that are lending their celebrity status to the cause.
 Since this is a thriller, much of the action is predictable, the main action hero character does some incredible things in defeating the bad guys. One very positive aspect of the story is that although the musician and actress are pampered stars, when they are captured they are anything but terrorized weaklings.
 This is a great story, Sandor is once again his obnoxious self, angering many with his free-wheeling attitude that makes him a pain in the sit-down spot for most of the people around him. Given that terrorism is an expensive activity, the financial aspects have a sense of realism about them. While some of the members of the terrorist group are only talented enough to shoot people, this network is extremely capable at working with all aspects of modern technology. That also gives the story a degree of realism. 

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