Thursday, February 25, 2016

Review of "Please Explain," by Isaac Asimov

Review of

Please Explain, by Isaac Asimov ISBN 978-0440968047

Five out of five stars

 Science writer extraordinaire Isaac Asimov is once again at the top of his game in this book. It is a collection of 100 short essays, each about a specific scientific question. The range is across the entire spectrum of science, from astronomy and space exploration, to geoscience, chemistry, physics and biology.
 The essays are all very easy to understand, it is a superb book that will generate interest in science among people from all backgrounds. Science teachers will also find a great deal of material that they can use in their classes for both discussion and exams. Parents with children curious about the world will find it very helpful as they formulate their answers.
 The book was published in 1973, so the onward march of science has rendered some of it (such as the sections on the greenhouse effect and how Pluto is different than other planets) is more significant and other sections have been rendered a bit obsolete. In all cases it is science for the masses that can also be used by the pros. 

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