Monday, February 15, 2016

Review of Kailee Light Camping Folding Backpack

Review of

Kailee Light Camping Folding Backpack

 When fully tucked away in the pouch in the initial configuration, this pack is 8 inches by 5.75 inches by 1.5 inches. It folds out into a two-strap backpack with two open-top mesh pouches on the sides. There are no other exterior pockets or pouches.
 The pack is approximately 16 inches long, 10 inches wide and approximately 6 inches deep. The interior has no small pockets, just a partition that segments off roughly one-third of the interior. It is waterproof in the sense that it will repel perspiration and rainfall, I would not expect it to work well if you were to let it stay every long in standing water.
 If you fold it properly before you try to put it back into the original form, the pack is fairly easy to put away. Even if you just stuff it back in, it is not all that hard to get it closed and sealed. There is a loop on the top so that you could slip a belt or other items through it for easy hands-free carrying.
 This is an excellent bag for walking tours where you are a tourist or just shopping and there is the possibility of rain. If you have purchased something that does not react well to water, simply pop this bag out and put your purchases in it. The bag is also very light, adding very little to your load.
 It is also useful for carrying a spare set of dry clothes if you are on a day hike. If you are caught in a quick shower without shelter, you will not have to rely on nature for dry clothing.
This item was made available for free for review purposes

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