Saturday, February 20, 2016

Review of "RFID Sourcebook," by Sandip Lahiri

Review of

RFID Sourcebook, by Sandip Lahiri ISBN 0131851373

 Although this book was published in 2006, most of the content has not aged out of relevance. The majority of the topics are presented at a low technical level, more on the skill set of a manager rather than someone that has to understand the internal specifications of RFID tags.
 The first nine of the eleven chapters start with a general overview of the technology, then the advantages and limitations, where it can be applied, privacy concerns, how it compares to bar codes, and how you create, justify, design and implement an RFID program. Chapter ten is the only one where there is anything that is highly technical and chapter eleven is titled “Closing Thoughts.”
 If you are someone in mid to upper level management and have not dealt with an RFID program yet and are starting to be interested in one, this is a book that will give you the details about how such programs work. Like nearly all new technologies, there is a large potential upside with some potential for failure. Again, like all new technologies, RFID is not a silver bullet for solving supply chain problems. The key of course is knowing what advantages you can derive and after reading this book you will have the background to acquire and process that knowledge. 

This book was made available for free for review purposes

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