Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Review of 'Cool Kind Kid, You Can be a "Cool Kind Kid" Picture Book Series-Book 1, Tanner Wants to be COOL!,' by Barbara Gilmour

Review of

Cool Kind Kid, You Can be a "Cool Kind Kid" Picture Book Series-Book 1, Tanner Wants to be COOL!, by Barbara Gilmour, CKK Educational, Ocean City, New Jersey, 2015. 28 pp., $12.95 (paper). ISBN 9780996308724.

Five out of five stars

 This book is a counter to the common myth that it is the cool kids that are “tough” and hard-nosed. Many think that adopting an aloof, curt, arrogant and obnoxious manner is the way to express that you are one of the important kids to emulate. The tactics illustrated in this book are those of politeness and kindness towards others, demonstrating that you are someone that others will want to be nearby or even friends with.
 The style of presentation is suitable for the very young child and engages in a series of repetitive statements. For example, on pages 2 and 3 there are the phrases, “Your bike is COOL!, ” School is COOL!,” “This game is COOL!” and “Our team is COOL!” There is more of the same on subsequent pages.
 The text is presented in very short sentences like this embedded in colorful images that depict the children engaged in the do’s and don’ts of behaviors. They are very easy to interpret and understand as they reinforce the message.
 This is a book that is valuable when read to children in preschool or kindergarten settings. The simplistic and repetitive messages will be fast outgrown by children as they develop more complex reasoning skills.
This book was made available for free for review purposes

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