Thursday, February 25, 2016

Review of Sleep Soundly: Guitar Music for Insomnia by Ryan Judd

Review of

Sleep Soundly: Guitar Music for Insomnia by Ryan Judd

 This music is exactly as advertised, it is soft, with a repetitive sequence of notes that calm the mind and create the kind of ambient white noise that will rapidly become familiar. Our world is full of noise that is unpredictable and transient, creating an environment that tends to snap our attention to it. By masking it with the repetitive and familiar, it can be rendered audibly invisible.
 The first song has a female narration that walks the listener through a series of gentle breathing and movement exercises designed to relax you. The remaining six songs have the sound of ocean surf in the background and the repetitive sequences of guitar music are only a few notes in length. Although at times it is the guitar sound that is in the background, slightly dominated by the sound of the surf.
 There is no question that this is relaxing music. I am a big fan of music as a concentrating agent, with my music on and a pair of ear buds I can concentrate enough to write complex mathematical material in crowded and otherwise noisy environments. I found that this music allowed me to do that, yet it was also a little too relaxing, it tended to dull my concentration a bit. Which is actually a compliment.

This item was made available for free for review purposes.

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