Thursday, December 16, 2021

Review of "The Zero Patrol, Number 1," by Esteban Maroto et. al.

 Review of

The Zero Patrol, Number 1, by Esteban Maroto et. al.

Four out of five stars

Diverse Challengers of the Unknown

 This comic introduces a new group of heroes without superpowers and they are similar to the Challengers of the Unknown. There are five players, two women and three men. Their names and talents are as follows:

*) Altair Lane male astronomer and nuclear physicist

*) Heather Curtis, a female actress that is sexy and physically fit

*) Orion Smith, movie stunt man

*) Bruce Lewis, bodyguard and Rhodes scholar and a very large man

*) Lanie Dark, doctor of psychiatry and also physically fit.

 A spaceship lands near each of them and extends an invitation for them to enter. Once in the ship they are recruited by a space alien called Zero. He recounts the history of his civilization where the robot workers grew self-aware and attacked the living creatures that made them. It is Zero’s goal to have the recruits destroy the energy stations that power the robots.

 They all agree and split into teams to accomplish their tasks. While they do have their difficulties, the newly named Zero Patrol is successful and at the end they agree to continue working for their mentor Zero.

 As the first installment in an action/adventure series, it is necessary for the story to contain enough information regarding origin and the nature of other main characters. The developers of this comic have succeeded in that and have set the stage for whatever subsequent challenges the group will face.


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