Sunday, December 26, 2021

Review of "All About the World: Poems and Rhymes," selected by Sylvia Karavis

 Review of

All About the World: Poems and Rhymes, selected by Sylvia Karavis ISBN 0763567388

Five out of five stars

Simple poems easily understood

 This book is a collection of short poems about basic things in the world, some real and some utilizing stretches of the imagination. There is one about a mighty sneeze, another about a crocodile lying in wait for prey, there is one about life on a sampan and the one titled, “Who Has Seen the Wind?”

 The prose is simple and in large size and each is at most two pages in size, which is at most 16 lines. The images are also large, so all aspects of the poem can be seen from some distance away. This is an excellent book to be read to groups of children, for there will be no need for them to bunch up tight so that all can see.

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