Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Review of "Fox, Beware!," by Judy Waite

 Review of

Fox, Beware!, by Judy Waite ISBN 0763567469

Three out of five stars

No closure weakens it

 This book is about a fox that watches the encroachment of human development on its’ habitat. First there are the surveyors, then the loggers/clearers, the diggers of infrastructure and at the end there are 100 houses near where the fox lives. Children can look out their windows and see the remaining forest area.  At the end, after several instances of “Fox Beware!”, the last caption has the fox sleeping peacefully with her pups.

 This is of course an artificial peace, for it will not be long and there will be more development and the fox will have to move again. The real point of this book is that the secluded spot of nature is forever altered to allow for human habitation with all the consequences. While the book is visually pleasing and the text is large enough to be read from some distance, the message is not a happy one.

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