Thursday, December 2, 2021

Review of "The Wolf’s Story," by Brenda Parkes

 Review of

The Wolf’s Story, by Brenda Parkes ISBN 0763567477

Five out of five stars

Great modification of the classic story

 The story of the wolf and the three little pigs is a classic story for children, yet the main point of the story is often lost. The pigs that built their houses out of straw and sticks were in fact lazy and it was the pig that built his out of bricks that was the responsible one. When danger threatens, the first two run to the third for the protection of his solidly built house. This is an important lesson in building well and for the future.

 This book is an entertaining modification of that basic story. In this case, the wolf is the owner of a home improvement company and when he destroys the houses of straw and sticks, he is simply demonstrating the flaws in their construction techniques. Character witnesses from other fairy tales also give their testimony on behalf of the wolf.

 The large size of the book makes this an excellent choice for reading circles where someone reads the book to a group of young children. The images and the text can be seen for some distance. The form of the text is that of groups of four lines with basic rhyming of at least the second and fourth lines. If you are looking for books that are entertaining and catch the eye, this one is an excellent choice.

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