Sunday, December 26, 2021

Review of "Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer 2," by Max Allan Collins et. al.

 Review of

Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer 2, by Max Allan Collins et. al.

Five out of five stars

Captures the essence of Spillane’s Hammer

 On the back cover of this comic is an advertisement of a newly published novel by Spillane. In keeping with the tradition of Spillane, the cover of the novel has a scantily clad woman with strategically located shadows. This comic also holds with the persona and actions of Spillane’s rendition of his most famous character.

 The dialog is right out of the novels, when the damsel in distress is about to leave Hammer’s office, he tells her that his secretary Velda will accompany her and “She packs a .38.” To which the damsel replies, “At least.” If you are a fan of the hard-bitten private eye story in general and Mike Hammer in particular, this is a comic that you will enjoy.

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