Sunday, December 19, 2021

Review of "Koko’s Kitten," by Dr. Francine Patterson

 Review of

Koko’s Kitten, by Dr. Francine Patterson ISBN 0590338129

Five out of five stars

Great interspecies story

 Koko is a female gorilla that was raised with humans and has learned a great deal of sign language. When working with the humans she interacts with, Koko expressed the desire to have a cat. The humans relented over time and started bringing a tailless cat that Koko named “All Ball.” Koko was very affectionate in a gentle way with the cat. Unfortunately, the cat was hit by a car and killed.

 After that, Koku expressed a desire to have another cat companion and after some trial and error another tailless kitten was found and became Koko’s second feline companion. At the time this book was written, the two wildly different mammals were friends and affectionate companions.

 Heavily illustrated, this is a great book for children, who generally have a natural affinity for animal stories. The images are large, making it an excellent book for reading to a large group of children. There is also a happy ending that will warm your heart.

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