Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Review of "Fractured Fables," by Image Comics

 Review of

Fractured Fables, by Image Comics

Five out of five stars

Five classic tales reclassified

 Most people are very familiar with the classic fairy tales. So much so, that they can grow a little stale after having been read many times. In this comic, five of those tales are reimaged into another form. In “Little Red Riding Hood,” the wolf does his typical chase of the girl only to encounter her grandmother, a martial arts instructor. Needless to say, the wolf howling at the end.

The next one is a modification of “Rumplestiltskin,” where he does his thing in making gold, from straw. The little imp asks for the woman’s newborn son, but when he arrives he finds the mother so stupid that he self-destructs in frustration. My favorite is a takeoff on “Rapunzel” called “Raponsel.” It is a case of mistaken identity that involves some very silly misunderstandings, including the fundamental mispronunciation of a name. The last is a wordless cartoon version of “Hey Diddle Diddle” that takes place in front of some storefronts.

 Enjoyable for the twisted, yet humorous way some classics are bent, this is a quick, fun read.

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