Monday, December 20, 2021

Review of "Superman: The Wedding Album," by Superman writers and artists past and present

 Review of

Superman: The Wedding Album, by Superman writers and artists past and present

Five out of five stars

Clark (Superman) and Lois get married at last

 This giant comic opens with Lois in a wedding gown, but it is a great surprise how that gambit plays out. Lois demonstrates that she is a woman of action and adventure in her own right. Lois and Clark had broken off their relationship earlier, but they both found that their love was festering into major unhappiness for both of them.

 Reunited at the Daily Planet building where Clark is filling in for the ill Perry White, the act of seeing each other rekindles their desire for each other and it is not long before they are planning a wedding. Clark is no longer Superman in the real sense, for he has lost his powers. Yet, he finds himself still playing the role of hero, even though a bullet would not emit a “Zing!” sound when it ricocheted off his body.

 There are many difficulties inherent in the planning as most of Clark’s old friends show up in their adult roles. Lex Luthor is also surprisingly quiescent during this challenging time. Superman’s superhero friends show up to cover for his lack of powers so he can concentrate on this major event in his life.

 The only non-normal hitch in the wedding is when Mr. Mxyzptlk shows up. Yet even he will not disrupt the wedding, although he promises to be a major annoyance later in their lives. The wedding goes off well and the last pages have Lois and Clark (Superman) enjoying the post pronouncement kiss.

 This is a great comic, most of the difficulties surrounding the wedding are those of humans being difficult, demanding and obnoxious. Kind of like the way it goes in normal life. Although Lois and Clark are anything but normal, the creators have made their wedding surprisingly normal.

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