Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Review of "Tales of the Hoofengoofers!" by Alan Lance Andersen

 Review of

Tales of the Hoofengoofers! by Alan Lance Andersen

Five out of five stars

Stories of little people of the forests and meadows

 Hoofengoofers are like fairies and elves, in that they live in the wild, are very small (about 17 inches tall) and the men have long beards. They are also magical, capable of delivering valuable items to the humans that they like or take pity on. The author is a native of Iowa, so the location context is rural Iowa. As a lifelong resident of Iowa, I found the references to familiar locations pleasant.

 Given the powers of the Hoofengoofers, the stories are very similar to those of European vintage featuring faeries and elves. They appear in dreams and reveal their presence when needed. These stories will enthrall children, they can be considered very lengthy bedtime stories as there is always a happy ending for the good people.

 It you are looking for some stories of little magical people that are a little bit different, then this is the book for you.

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