Saturday, October 30, 2021

Review of "Blackballed by History: True Tales of History’s Most Demonized Characters," compiled by Paul T. Angel

 Review of

Blackballed by History: True Tales of History’s Most Demonized Characters, compiled by Paul T. Angel ISBN 9780988199750

One out of five stars

Pathetic attempts to rewrite history

 As a longtime student of history, I have read many history books, both popular and academic. This one has to rank close to the bottom in terms of enjoyable reading and accurate content. It was clear to me that this was such a book when I encountered the following in the foreword: “ Establishment historians – the court historians, as we in the authentic history movement call them – have a way of twisting things, like your daily paper and the talking heads on TV do.” In other words, we are right because we declare we are right, and all the other professional students of history are wrong.

 Nothing could be further from the truth. The articles collected in this book contain the usual nonsensical distortions, comments such as “the war of Northern aggression” and in the article about Quantrill and his raiders: “They were no different than the patriots of the American Revolution, and the only line of defense left in Missouri against Socialist Marxists who were doing the bidding of Abraham Lincoln.” Given that “Das Kapital” was first published in 1867, two years after the war ended, it is ridiculous to claim that Abraham Lincoln was operating on Marxist principles.

 The worst article by far is by Waffen SS General Leon Degrelle, who was a Belgian that volunteered for service in the German military in World War II. He venerates Hitler and Mussolini, assigning them attributes they simply did not have. The worst claim is that Hitler made German science even greater, when in fact his persecutions gutted the German scientific community. Many of the scientists that built the atomic bomb in America fled Europe when Hitler came to power.

 One of the most worthless books ever written, it is everything from a big lie to an anti-Semitic diatribe.

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