Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Review of "Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones," by Ann Head

 Review of

Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones, by  Ann Head ISBN 978-0451163196

Five out of five stars

Although dated, great love story

 This book made the rounds of the girls when I was in high school and my girlfriend at the time insisted that I read it. It was an excellent request. The background is one that has been used many times before. The male and female are from different sides of the social tracks, Bo Jo is a football player from the wrong side and the narrator, July Jones is from a wealthy family and is clearly bound for college.

 July gets pregnant when they are both in high school, since this was a southern town in the sixties, abortion was not an option, and she was required to quit school. Even though both of them are underage and face a difficult path, they respond with a maturity beyond their years and get married. While their reactions are a stretch for two people so young, the quality of the writing makes it plausible and of course at the time, there were few other options. When the girl got pregnant and the father was known, they either got married or the child was put up for adoption.

 It is a sad story at the end, for they face a tragedy that compounds their circumstances. Yet, they face that with the same forward-looking perspective that was exhibited when they discovered that July was pregnant. This is a story that will stay with you for a long time. Raging hormones got them there, their minds will see them through it.

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