Sunday, October 17, 2021

Review of "big Nate In Your Face," by Lincoln Pierce

 Review of

big Nate In Your Face, by Lincoln Pierce ISBN 9781524864774

Five out of five stars

Trials and tribulations of a modern boy

 Growing up in any era has always been tough, but many people believe it is even harder now than it has ever been. Nate is a boy in that has magnified trouble with most things that boys his age must deal with. He struggles in school he has difficulties interacting with the other gender, making friends and playing in sports are challenges.

 Some of the captions are very good and you can recognize some classic moves in them. When Nate is tasked with writing a report with one of the bright kids in class, Nate is told that if he claims to be a genius, he should assist in writing the report. Nate’s response is, “Do you really want your grade on this project to depend on my research?” The response in the thought balloon of the clever kid is, “He’s a genius, but an evil genius.”

 Dee Dee is female and the president of the drama club. When she is given the job of rushing the passer in a football game, she fakes a fainting spell, causing the quarterback to drop the ball. She immediately yells “Fumble!,” picks up the ball and runs for a touchdown. One of the boys says, “Never again will I doubt that the president of the drama club can play football.” Another boy comments that she has the best touchdown dance in the business. Very funny.

 Since Nate is not a great achiever, he is a character that most children can relate to. He takes a soccer ball to the face, struggles to answer questions in class and has a rough time doing things, including when he is having fun.

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