Sunday, October 17, 2021

Review of "A Brief Trigonometry," by Robert R. Christian

 Review of

A Brief Trigonometry, by Robert R. Christian

Five out of five stars

Excellent synopsis of the field

 Trigonometry is one of the areas of mathematics that is fairly easy to understand. In the many years that I taught college mathematics, there were many students that struggled with the algebraic components but sailed through the trigonometry. The primary reason that was cited was that it could be reduced to the visual, and “I am a visual learner” was the common refrain.

 This book is an excellent synopsis of the field, there is no wasted text. Published in 1965, there is also no technological component, all functional values used are presented in tables. This eliminates the occasional student that has a sophisticated calculator but does not know how to use it. Therefore, over fifty years after it was published, it is a book that can still be used to effectively teach the basics of trigonometry.

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