Monday, October 4, 2021

Review of "Flash Issue #1," from Tangent Comics, by Todd Dezago, Gary Frank and Cam Smith

Review of

Flash Issue #1, from Tangent Comics, by Todd Dezago, Gary Frank and Cam Smith

Three out of five stars

Incongruous incompetent villain with high-tech gadgets

 While the writers of this comic deserve praise for establishing the context for the superpowers of the heroine, the storyline is very poor. When the hero has great powers, their adversaries must be powerful and competent. Superman had Lex Luthor and Mr. Mxyzptlk and Spider-Man had the Green Goblin and Doc Oc.

In this case the main villain is a bumbling incompetent that always manages to find a way to fail each time he has the heroine in his sights. Even though he is using very sophisticated technology. The mother of the heroine is very much a tiger mom, using every possible angle to get and keep her daughter in the spotlight. Even to the point of increasing her danger. I understand that these features are meant to be amusing, but to me they simply fall flat. Make the danger a real one, or otherwise it is hard to keep your interest.

The heroine is able to manipulate light, which is the source of the title. She is capable of coming and going in a flash of light. Nice concept, and she will no doubt appeal to girls. However, the overbearing mother will wear on readers of both genders.

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