Friday, October 29, 2021

Review of "Chelsey and the Green-haired Kid," by Carol Gorman

 Review of

Chelsey and the Green-haired Kid, by Carol Gorman ISBN 0671787136

Four out of five stars

Modern YA mystery story

 Chelsey is a thirteen-year-old girl that has been confined to a wheelchair for years as a consequence of a car accident. Jack is a recent arrival at her school, and he comes with a reputation as consistently being in serious trouble and he sports a head of green hair. Chelsey is on the ground floor of a gymnasium when she witnesses (out of the corner of her eye) a boy being pushed from the top of the bleachers. He lands on the floor and his injuries prove fatal. Although she is convinced that the boy was pushed, making it a murder, Chelsey did not get a really good look at the person that she believes did the pushing.

 Circumstances, including some clear danger, drive Chelsey and Jack into an investigative partnership. The first moves are quite tentative due to Jack’s reputation, yet Chelsey quickly finds herself falling into significant liking of Jack. They prove to be a good team, with very complementary mental processes as they identify the likely suspect and pursue some rather obvious clues.

 A police detective proves to be very helpful, and Chelsey’s parents are very supportive. Jack has no engaged father, and his mother is characterized as a drunk. Together, they track down the culprits after a climactic escape that involves a wheelchair trek down Suicide Hill.

 This is a good story, easily understood and involving characters that the YA readership can relate to.

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