Saturday, October 16, 2021

Review of "Painting as a Pastime," by Winston S. Churchill

 Review of

Painting as a Pastime, by Winston S. Churchill

Four out of five stars

Churchill taking up an unusual hobby

 Given his lengthy career in public life and as an author, adventurer and commentator on the world, Winston Churchill has written about many things. I have read many of his works on politics, specifically his six-volume series on the Second World War, which is a classic. So much of his writing is insightful, clever and worthy of being read multiple times. Not so with this short book.

 Churchill opens with an explanation of why people that face a great deal of strain need to find other things that are challenging, yet in a far different way. No one faced greater challenges than he did when he was leading England when she stood essentially alone against the apparent German military juggernaut.

 For Churchill, he settled on taking up painting and this is an explanation of the why and how. He was over forty before he ever put paint to canvas and the samples of his work show that he was reasonably proficient with a paintbrush.

 An explanation of why he took up painting when he was older, Winston Churchill has penned a simple explanation and example of why people should try new and challenging things when they are older. Simply stated and easy to read, this is a book for older people.

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