Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Review of "No Dessert Until You’ve Finished Your Mashed Potatoes," by William O’Brien

 Review of

No Dessert Until You’ve Finished Your Mashed Potatoes, by William O’Brien

Five out of five stars

Cartoons based on exaggerated perspectives

 This book is a collection of cartoons based on the imagination of children when faced with situations in their lives. The situations are exaggerated yet contain a degree of reality based on the perspective of the child.

 For example, there is the cartoon with the caption, “She just adores her baby brother.” Yet, the image is that of an ape in a bassinette with a baby bottle in its mouth. There is the one with the caption, “Bedtime dear. Whatever you’re doing can wait until tomorrow.” The image is that of a child in a space capsule with hands on the controls. Finally, there is the one with the caption, “Why can’t you behave like your cousin Margery?” The image has a girl stirring a witch’s cauldron while an angel flies overhead.

 Capturing the perspective of a child when an adult is telling them things that nearly all children hear, this is an amusing book based on facts as they are perceived by the young mind.

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