Thursday, November 25, 2021

Review of "Childproof: Cartoons About Parents & Children," by Roz Chast

 Review of

Childproof: Cartoons About Parents & Children, by Roz Chast ISBN 9780786862443

Five out of five stars

The challenges of parenthood from both perspectives

 For nearly all adults, the most significant thing they will do in their life is to have children and raise them to adulthood. It is an extremely challenging profession, at time filling you with the greatest joy and at other times frustrating you to the point of literal madness. It takes the twisted mind of a genius to find humor in these situations, Roz Chast satisfies that job description.

 The cartoons depict common scenarios that take place between parents and children as well as between children. Sometimes they are siblings while at other times they are playmates or classmates. The cartoons are amusing because they are so true. Life’s challenges are hard, and parenting is a daily hard, balancing everything from earning a living to feeding them to simply sharing the same household.

 If you want to see truth expressed in the funny papers, this is the book for you.

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