Friday, November 5, 2021

Review of "The Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg: A Short Guide," by Alexander Schmidt and Markus Urban

 Review of

The Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg: A Short Guide, by Alexander Schmidt and Markus Urban ISBN 3930699478

Four out of five stars

Brief history of what was planned for Nuremberg

 Nuremberg was the site of the massive rallies conducted by the Nazi Party in Germany before the start of World War II. As part of this program, the Germans developed a massive building program of structures that could house incredible numbers of participants. While few of those structures were ever completed, the sheer grandiosity of their construction plans have few rivals throughout history.

 This book is a brief explanation of those plans with descriptions of how large the structures were to be, how many people they could accommodate and what they were to be made of. The explanations are constructed from pictures of models, what was constructed and a textual description of the building.

 Governments from ancient times have built massive structures designed to be both functional and long-term monuments to their power. The Egyptians succeeded, the Nazis did not. Books like this and a few relics are all that is left of their grandiose plans.

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