Monday, November 8, 2021

Review of "How to Remove the Cotton From a Bottle of Aspirin," by Rube Goldberg

 Review of

How to Remove the Cotton From a Bottle of Aspirin, by Rube Goldberg

Five out of five stars

Goldberg at his wacky best

 Rube Goldberg was known for his cartoons where he creates extremely elaborate mechanisms to perform simple tasks. Those mechanisms are constructed using a sequence of incongruous and wacky steps, few of which are even possible. This book contains two of the wildest.

 For example, on page 48 there is the step:

“The fisherman hits a well-padded surface, causing only a minor dent in his skull. The impact brings two sticks of uranium together thereby setting up an atomic reaction in a series of steel balls containing a mixture of plutonium and bad night club air. The resulting explosions propel a boxing glove into space with great force.”

 The nonsensical nature of these contraptions is what makes them amusing. There is no seriousness to what is meant to be satire of the modern complex world. As always, Goldberg succeeds in achieving his goals.

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