Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Review of "The Cat That Was Nothing But Trouble," by Anne Toole

 Review of

The Cat That Was Nothing But Trouble, by Anne Toole ISBN 9781478797432

Five out of five stars

How the old pet views the new one

 Lee is a small white puppy that is living an idyllic life. He has his toys, food and all the attention of the adults in the house. His world is uprooted when his Mom encountered what she thought was a stray cat while she was out walking. Feeling sorry for it, she brought it home and began feeding it. Intimidated by the new “beast,” Lee is uncertain as to what to do.

 When the cat engages in mischief and damages things, Lee is the one that gets the blame, which sends him into a depressive state. Things continue to go downhill until the joyous day when a man knocks on the door and tells Mom that he is looking for his cat named Sweetie Pie. He calls her the best cat in the world and wonders if she has seen it. When the cat hears the man’s voice it runs to him with joy and the last sight Lee has of the cat is when it is being carried away and out of his life.

 The story is expressed in rhyming form with the general pattern being the even lines rhyme with the line preceding it. The level of the prose is that of the middle of elementary school. It is a solid story that contains a valuable lesson to children regarding the acquisition of a second pet. While the children may be excited about getting the new pet, the one with seniority may have a contrary opinion.

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