Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Review of "War of the Worlds," DVD version starring Tom Cruise

 Review of

War of the Worlds, DVD version starring Tom Cruise

Five out of five stars

End of humanity? Not so with some help from our natural enemies

 I have read the original novel by H. G. Wells at least four times, considering it the seminal story of interplanetary warfare. Wells demonstrated that he was a science fiction writer of the first magnitude, portraying a human victory at great cost.

 I have also watched the movie starring Gene Barry several times, it was an incredible special effects marvel for the time. The Martian warships looked menacing, and their action of their weaponry was believable.

 This version of the classic tale is a worthy addition to the saga of the original Wells story. The acting is superb and of course the special effects are dazzling. The human interest of a man that was not much of a father transporting his children through dangers both Martian and human made this a great human tale.

 Some of the scenes, such as the burning train and Humvee are classic war scenes adapted to the fight with the Martians. However, nothing can top the clothes falling from the sky. This is a great movie, a worthy extension of one of the best science fiction stories of all time.

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