Saturday, April 3, 2021

Review of "Justice League Quarterly #2," DC comics

 Review of

Justice League Quarterly #2, DC comics

Five out of five stars

A parody of Marvel characters

 Even though this was published by rival DC Comics, the main theme of this publication is a parody of characters appearing in Marvel Comics. The primary character is called Mr. Nebula and he is a satirical representation of Galactus, the destroyer of worlds. In this case, his powers and aims are in extreme redecorating, with wild and colorful designs and rearrangements his mode of operation. His herald in this case is the Scarlet Skier, which is based on the Silver Surfer of Marvel.

 Tired of working for Mr. Nebula, the Scarlet Skier flees from Galactus and is in hiding on Earth. His former employer is determined to find him, so Earth is in grave danger from being subjected to an extreme and unwanted makeover.

 To succeed, Mr. Nebula must overcome the Justice League, led in this case by the Martian Manhunter. The dialog is generally snarky and at times over the top to the point of absurdity. For example, there is the caption, “Kirtan-Rodd has been transported to a dimension of unconnectedness, of enformed madness, of swirling colors and unbelievable outrageous forms!” Note also the name of the character, another that appears is Dr. Doolotz.

 One of the least serious comic stories you will ever read, at times the captions must be read slowly, or you will likely miss out on some of the rapid fire satirical and at times nonsensical jokes.

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