Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Review of "Gon Color Spectacular," by Masashi Tanaka

 Review of

Gon Color Spectacular, by Masashi Tanaka ISBN 1563893819

Five out of five stars

An adorable, obnoxious creature

 While Gon is technically a dinosaur, he is only slightly larger than a rabbit. Yet, he has the fearlessness of the mightiest of the predators. There are six short stories featuring Gon, and he gets himself into some humorous situations. There is no dialog or text beyond the titles, the stories are told using only the visual. Even there are some many places where a “Splat” or “Zap!” could have been used, the author chose not to.

 The stories are entertaining show several aspects of Gon. In some he is fierce and unyielding, and in others he is does what he can to aid a baby bear that is in distress over a treat. The artwork is impressive, for it is hard to tell a story with images only. In this case, Tanaka succeeds.

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