Sunday, April 25, 2021

Review of "Danny Dunn and the Fossil Cave," by Jay Williams & Raymond Abrashkin

 Review of

Danny Dunn and the Fossil Cave, by Jay Williams & Raymond Abrashkin

Five out of five stars

An adventure in cave exploration

 The Danny Dunn adventure series for young adults is a good one for all ages, not just the target one. In this case, Danny has discovered a cave and having no light, decided to come back and explore it. Fortunately, geologist Dr. Tresselt is visiting Professor Euclid Bullfinch, Danny’s guardian. With Danny’s friends Irene Miller and Joe Pearson, the two professors and Danny set out to investigate the cave.

 Their actions are a lesson in some of the features of caves, including what is normally found in one. There is some danger, but as is the case with young heroes, they manage to overcome all the difficulties and when they are lost, Danny comes up with the clue that allows them to find an alternate exit.

 What is a bit different about this book is that Irene is portrayed as an effective member of the investigatory team.  She is smart, capable and willing to follow the others into danger. That was not always the case in books published in the sixties. It is a fun read for people of all ages that enjoy basic adventure books and has aged well.

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