Sunday, April 11, 2021

Review of "Hans Christian Andersen Animated Classics: The Golden Treasure," DVD

 Review of

Hans Christian Andersen Animated Classics: The Golden Treasure, DVD

Five out of five stars

A fairy tale with many aspects of a moral

 This is one of my favorite fairy tales because it does not involve magic in any way, just the inherent talent of a boy and his desire to use it. Peter is a young boy with flame red hair, yet his mother calls him the Golden Treasure. Almost from birth, he demonstrates incredible skills as a child prodigy in music and is capable of playing almost any instrument. However, his father is determined that Peter stick to the drum so that he can be a drummer in the military.

 When war comes as always seems inevitable, Peter dons his drum and does his duty, marching off with the other men. During that war, he continues to beat his drum and leads a charge that captures a major artillery position of the enemy. Labelled as a hero, he returns to his village to become a musician.

 When he is given the opportunity to tutor the burgomaster’s daughter Charlotte in music, Peter and Charlotte fall in love. However, she is betrothed to another and overcome with sadness, Peter leaves the town to seek his fortune as a musician. Extremely successful, Peter returns to his town wealthy and famous. Eventually, he discovers that Charlotte has not married so there is a very happy reunion. At the end, Peter’s mother tells everyone that she did not call him the Golden Treasure because of his hair but because of the golden treasure of music within him.

 With only human talent and feelings to sustain it, this fairy tale is a joy to watch. I strongly recommend this video to all people that need to entertain and educate children. For it is a plausibly true story.

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