Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Review of "The Mighty Thor 006," by Marvel Comics

 Review of

The Mighty Thor 006, by Marvel Comics

Five out of five stars

The gods behaving as the ancients thought

 What I really like about this comic is that it portrays the Norse gods as the ancient Norse and Greek peoples thought of them. Superhuman and immortal to be sure, but also with an emphasis on the human. These people considered their gods to possess the human emotions of needing to be loved, hence the requirement that they be prayed and sacrificed to.

 The plot of this comic is essentially a rivalry between Thor and Loki. The main human is Bodolf, a king that prayed to Thor before every battle and in repayment, Thor fought with him. Consequently, Bodolf never lost a battle and grew rich and powerful. Yet, he reached the point where he no longer thought he needed Thor’s help, which proved his undoing. The Viking equivalent of destitute, Bodolf is then approached by Loki and with his help, grows powerful again.

 The constant tension between Thor and Loki is nothing more than human sibling rivalry. This, along with many other human emotions is how the ancient Norse people viewed their gods. Therefore, this comic is entertaining and a lesson in mythology.

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