Sunday, April 4, 2021

Review of "Fossils," by Claire Llewellyn

 Review of

Fossils, by Claire Llewellyn ISBN 0763567523

Five out of five stars

Excellent primer on the creation and value of fossils

At 20.5 inches by 14.5 inches, this book would be difficult for the youngest of readers to manipulate well enough to read it by themselves. However, it would be an excellent choice for a large reading circle where one person is reading it to a large group of children. The text is large enough so that it could easily be read by children several feet away.

 Dinosaurs have always been a subject that fascinates children. The idea that creatures that large and ferocious once walked the Earth seems hard to believe and was once dismissed. Yet, they were very real, although the fossil record is still incomplete. There is nothing more impressive than going to a museum and standing next to an intact skeleton of one of the larger dinosaurs.

 This book is an excellent primer on how fossils are created, some of the living creatures that were forever preserved and how scientists put the pieces together in an attempt to understand how the creature moved, what they ate and how they reproduced. Written at the level of the second grade child, this is a science lesson of the first magnitude.

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