Friday, April 9, 2021

Review of "Candid Cowboys," by Neil Summers

Review of

Candid Cowboys, by Neil Summers

Four out of five stars

Not as candid as the title and introduction indicates

 There was a time when the western was the principal form of action entertainment, both on the big screen and on television. The people that starred in them were all household names and their faces were easily recognized. Summers was often on the sets of western productions and he took many photos of the stars as they either prepped for a scene or relaxed on the set.

 Nearly all of the photos were clearly posed and staged, few of them would fit the ordinary definition of being candid. Yet, they are fun to look at, for while the action is staged, it is not at the level of publicity stills. The players, including the appearance of stagehands, directors and makeup people all seem quite relaxed.

 If you are a fan of western entertainment and the people who played the characters, this is a book you will enjoy looking through. Each image has an explanatory caption, so you will know the location and the people in the picture.

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