Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Review of "BBC: All About Polar Bears," DVD

 Review of

BBC: All About Polar Bears, DVD

Five out of five stars

Excellent primer on the amazing polar bear

 While this video is only 22 minutes long, it is an excellent primer on one of the most fascinating and unfortunately, increasingly endangered species. It is the polar bear, a creature very uniquely designed to survive in the frozen arctic.

 It follows the life of a female polar bear and her single cub as they emerge from an ice cave and venture out into the frozen land that is their home. They are solitary creatures, the only other bear they encounter is a large male and they flee from him, for he is apt to make a meal of the cub. The mother is on the hunt for seals, their primary source of food, while the cub learns to mimic her.

 One of the most impressive acts of the mother bear is when she slams her paws into the ice in order to break through it in an attempt to attack a seal. The sheer power that she exerts as the ice crumbles is amazing. The polar bear’s sense of smell is amazing, capable of smelling a seal on the surface of the ice from 20 miles away and a seal breathing hole from over a half-mile away. Polar bears do not hibernate, but the mother bears live in their den with their young in the months of January through March. A newborn bear is hairless and weighs only a pound.

 A fascinating creature, the polar bear is one of the most completely adapted large animals in the world. From this video, you can learn just how efficient their bodies are so that they can survive in what is a hostile environment to most other creatures. The surface of the arctic during the winter months.

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