Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Review of "World of Reading: Ant-Man," by Chris Wyatt

Review of

World of Reading: Ant-Man, by Chris Wyatt ISBN 9781484721780

Five out of five stars

 There was a time when comic books were considered a corrupting influence on children. We can “thank” Dr. Frederic Wertham, whose book, “The Seduction of the Innocent,” launched a wave of censorship of comics. Thankfully, that time has past and now they are used as educational tools. For young people can identify with the characters and enjoy reading about their exploits. Imagery is also a natural in the stories.

 This book that is designed as a first reader uses the Ant-Man comic character as the plot for a simple explanation of his origin and his powers. The tactic used is that each page contains a colorful image and a caption that is one very short sentence. It is very well done and so this is a book that I strongly recommend as a first reader.

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