Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Review of "Rough Cut," by Edward Gorman

Review of

Rough Cut, by Edward Gorman ISBN 0816149275

Four out of five stars

 Although this multiple murder mystery moves along fairly well, the expression of the plot does not generate tension or anticipation. Michael Ketchum is the co-owner of the Harris-Ketchum advertising agency in Chicago. It is a relatively small firm, yet there are enough people to generate a wide assortment of extra-marital affairs.

 When partner Denny Harris is murdered, there are several options as to which jealous husband or angry female lover was the one that wielded the knife. Even though Ketchum was not in either group, he is still a suspect as the firm was struggling in the creative and financial senses.

 The story plods along as participants in affairs are revealed, marking them as potential killers. However, some of them also get murdered along the way, keeping the number of suspects relatively constant. At times there are solid hints that there might be more than one murderer evening out an infidelity score.

 The clues come together at the end and the murderer(s) are revealed, there is no dramatic climax, just a resolution that is solid and complete, but not tense.

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