Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Review of "Batman The Movie," starring Adam West and Burt Ward

Review of

Batman The Movie, starring Adam West and Burt Ward

Five out of five stars

 This movie caps the television series with Adam West and Burt Ward starring as Batman and Robin. When the series started, it was extremely popular, but only in the sense of a fad. It lasted three seasons, airing twice a week the first two seasons and once a week the third. Some of the villains were quite memorable and the dialog was simplistic at best. One of the most interesting features of the series is that while it was essentially a comedy, there was no laugh track. Of course, the visual sound effects filled that role to some extent.

 As befits a full length movie, all four major adversaries of Batman are teamed together in an attempt to rule the world. Their plan is of course very juvenile and there is a lot of laughing done by the Riddler and Joker. The mechanisms whereby Batman and Robin get out of what appears to be certain death are absurd, even for this series.

 Yet, it is still a fun movie to watch, in some ways more entertaining than all the subsequent Batman movies, especially when young children are involved. There is no way that these villains could possibly be scary.

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